English Fluency Through Self-study Masterclass

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No Teachers. No Classrooms. Not a WhatsApp course... Learning on the go....Purely online....
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English fluency through self-study


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English fluency through self-study

Why Amter English Fluency Masterclass?

Why is this masterclass the most loved English course by Malayalees all over the world?

A complete Self-study system

No teachers. No classrooms. Learn English Secretly.

Learn Anywhere anytime

Learn in your home, office, gym, travels, while waiting for bus…..

Mobile phone friendly

Login from your phone, laptop, tab, pc….

Designed for the Malayalee

Backed by 20 years of research and experience, this course is specially designed for the Malayalee

₹499 for 6 months now

No need to break your bank! Just pay ₹499. You will get 24 hour access for 6 months! The most pocket- friendly course!

SINCE 1998

Almost 25 years, it has been an incredible journey for Amter. With thousands of students world over, we think we know something about fluency  development, especially for a Malayalam speaking guy.

We have been forced to develop a system that gave thousands of students, like Sakkeer, Nanda, Zandra, Abbas, Vinod…. confidence  to speak English. With humble beginnings in Aluva, Amter is  thankful to the men and women who blessed us by giving us an opportunity to serve them.

We are planning to keep the same verve and energy alive to help the Malayalees to speak English at their own pace and comfort with no restriction of a classroom and time. 

Graphic Video Classes like a Web Series

The most Comprehensive English video course

Start with basics. Listen to  a lot real conversations of native English speakers. Amter’s motto is this: Learn like a child and Speak like an adult. Jump right in, you will soon  know the rest. Zero to hero methods…

The course is designed for any Malayalee who has attended any Malayalam/English medium schools in Kerala. Any Malayalee who can read English text can join the course. No need to know the meaning as now. That can be dealt with later on.

It is the biggest ang ever-growing collection of English fluency video classes. Maybe it the biggest in the world, so to speak. 

Amter has been in English fluency training for almost half of century. We have seen every scenarios the students undergo while trying to pick up the language. Such huge experience and research has led Amter to find out ways to help the student more effectively, the Malayalee student, to be precise.

Amter basically use videos featuring native English speakers in various scenarios, like interviews, speeches, stories, documentaries, movie clips, news clips and whatnot. Maybe a daring attempt to do so in Malayalam for the first time in history. 

Learn anywhere. Anytime. Just you login to your Netflix or Amazon Prime. Use your phone, laptop, tab, or pc. Even your TV….Learn at home. office, while travelling, waiting the bus or train….

English fluency through self-study

Who this English Masterclass is for...


““Amter web is the result of a decade hard work. A great master is behind the screen. I proudly introduce my self as the first certified and successful product of Amter a decade ago. I hv been an international exporter for 9 years .I travel many countries to meet my clients I could say that my ability is the magic of Amter technics. I am specially trained to be gain different accents by Amter. I speak UK ,American, Canadian and Australian like its native speaker. Amter technics are based on listening but gradually Amter will take you to another world of English. So I call Amter a magical route to real English.”.”
Sakkeer Erattupetta
“I bought it for my Daughter. Awesome course. Now she is extremely confident to speak English”
Sajeev Dev
Businessman and trainer
““The most effective English course I have ever come across…. Their teaching methods are really surprising! You won’t regret it! Highly recommended….””
Krishna Kumar
“I soo much owe to Amter for the confidence i have gained to speak in public. From being the worst user of English language to a confident person who effortlessly handle the language; i have lived a difference. Amter has proved nothing less than being a life saver for me. The best thing about the team is that over their years of experience, they have gained expertise in providing the best and most effective study materials. And they rightly know what makes a real difference. Thanks to Amter. I would gladly recommend this Course. Just give it a try and feel and live the difference yourself.””
Bharat Matha College
“I speak, write, and read English well. I speak with Americans… Yes, Amter’s methods helped me tremendously… If you wanna be fluent in English, look no further…. I am happy to hear that Amter can help more people launching their course online… Way to go…””
Afsal Siddiqi
Arabic Scholar
““Gud effort Highly recommended.””
Lydia Krishnakunar
“No doubt its a far better English fluency  course. Actually the initial step of fluency is listening. My suggestion to the people who join this course is to listen each and every classes tens of times………… Excellent and super…………….BEST WISHES”
Krishna Kumar
Master Consultant - Fengshui and Numerology
Sunil Aluva, Photographer and Actor
Sunil Aluva,
Photographer and Actor
“ I know Amter team. They have put in great effort in bringing out such an amazing English  fluency  course”
Gopkumar Mallelil

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